Speciality Chemical Compound

KHPL-211 alkaline solution

KHPL-211 is a alkaline solution for water based cleaning and/or degreasing without phosphates or solvents.


Appearance, 25°C Viscous Liquid
Flash Point >+ 100°C
Solidf. / Melting Point < -4°C
Clarity 0 - 70°C
PH, 10% Solution 12.2
Flammability Not applicable
Explosion Limits Not applicable
Solubility in water complete
Phosphates and Solvents NIL

KHPL-211 IS A fluid mix of high grade non-ionic and cationic tensides, to which some complexing agents have been added.

KHPL-211 is a multi-purpose fluid degreasing and cleaning product, extremely suitable for removing oil, grease, soot, carbon, nicotine and any other persistent dirt. The cleaning effect will often be much better than with conventional products, particularly when an oil soil contain a lot of soot and pigments. KHPL-211 has especially been developed and adapted to meet the needs of large consumers at all industrial workshops.

KHPL-211 can be used in a wide temperature range from +5°C to 95°C. Warmth increases its cleaning power.

Method Of Application
KHPL-211 can be used both for manual and mechanical cleaning. It is suitable to all kind of spraying equipment in many types of steam cleaners, high and low pressure equipment.

KHPL-211 can be used without ant risk, from its concentrated form upto 1% dilutions in cold or hot water. Dilutions with water, 10-20% for light dirt and 20-40% for heavy dirt.

Handling and Storage
- KHPL-211 a concentrated liquid, must be stored above freezing point.
- Surfaces on with the product has been spilled become slippery and must therefore be flushed with plenty of water.
- If the concentrate comes into contact with the skin it must be washed off with plenty or water since it has a powerful degreasing action.
- KHPL-211 is a noncorrosive, safe for skin and clothing. It does not affect metals, plastics, hardened water-resistant lacquers or paints and does not constitute any fire hazard.

KHPL-211 is available in 5Kg. LDPE cane and 50kg, 200kg. HDPE drums.

KHPL-211 is according to international requirements easily biogradable.