Silicon Emulsion And Softners

Silicon Emulsion And Softners
1st Generation: Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)

Silanol type, KI-4921-.5K(500cst)
KI-4921-K(1000 cst)
Improve rubbing fastness and hand feel for pigment printing, lubricant for fiber and yarn, thread or some fabrics -Pigment printing paste to improve rubbing fastness, especially for dry fastness and had feel; -Anti-tacky -Lubricant for yarn and thread Or some fabric Equivalent to
2nd Generation: Amino-modified Silicone-Pending Structure
KI-4901 Aminosilicone oil, Viscosity: 3000-5000cst; Amino content: 0.25%(wt%) Low yellowing, high slickness & elastomeric Various types of fibers & fabrics. Equivalent to - Magnasoft Plus (Momentive)/ -WR-1100/1200(Wacker) -RD-21645(Bluestar)
KI-4902 Aminosilicone oil, Viscosity: 800-1000 cst; Amino content: 0.40%(wt%) Commonly used aminosilicone oil Equivalent to -TSF-4708(Momentive) -DC-8040 (DC)/8209A/8630;
KI-4903 Aminosilicone oil, Viscosity: 1000 -1500 cst; Amino content: 0.80%(wt%) Commonly used aminosilicone oil Equivalent to -TSF-4703(Momentive); -DC-8460; -AM-9(Wacker)
KI-4904 Aminosilicone oil, Viscosity: 5000-10000 cst; Amino content: 0.2-0.3%(wt%) High viscous aminosilicone oil Equivalent to Magnasoft 4010
KI-4905 Aminosilicone oil, Viscosity: 800-1000 cst; Amino content: 0.3-0.40%(wt%) Reactive commonly used aminosilicone oil Equivalent to -WR1300 /AF-21/WR301
3rd Generation: Polyether modified Silicone
KI-4920 Polyether modified silicone Provide instant water absorption, All types of fabric for hydrophilicity, hydrophilic enhancer, emulsifier, leveling agent. Similar to -Mag TLC (Momentive)
4th Generation: Linear Block Repeat Copolymer Silicone
KI-4910 & KI-4910CF Linear terpolymer modified with quats , polyether, 85% active, oil type, yellowish oil. Bulky, silky, smooth feel; hydrophilic; re-bouncy, Cotton, PE/Cotton blends. Similar or Equivalent to -DerMaNT/MT-90(Momentive); -XIAMETER OFX-8505(DC): -Tego6924/4001(Evonik)
Linear terpolymer, 30 % solid Super surface smoothness; emulsifiers but self-dispersion, Super Silky, smooth, soft PE, T/R, T/C, Fleece, Wool, Cashmere Similar or Equivalent to -Magnasoft SRS; MT-80 (Momentive)
KI-4916 Linear terpolymer, 65% solid Super surface smoothness with moisturized hand feel; No emulsifiers but self-dispersion PE, T/R, T/C, Fleece, Wool, Cashmere Similar or Equivalent to -Magnasoft 238/Y-17238 (Momentive)
KI-4928 Silicone terpolymer softener oil, 90% solid, Fast hydrophilic Softeners both for cotton & synthetic fabric. Oil-spots free, re-dyeable. Hydrophilic treatment on various fabric Similar or Equivalent to -Magnasoft SilQ (Momentive); -TP3877 -Rucofin SIQ/SQM(Rodolf) -DC-8600/OP-8800(DC); -Wacker: Wetsoft NE810VP (Blend of KI-4928/KI-4910) WetsoftCTA -Tego4001(Evonik)
KI-4933 Latest Silicone Terpolymer, 100% Performance and stability are between amino-silicone & ABA type polymer -Suitable for heavy & dense fabric. -Hemp/flax No competitor product available.

The above recommendation are based on comprehensive studies and experience made in practical finishing. They are, however, without liability regarding property rights of third parties and foreign laws. The user should test for himself whether the product and the application are suited for his very special purposes.

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