Lactose IP/ USP/ Food/Feed/ Technical Grade & Lactulose Solution IP/ USP/ Grade

Lactose IP/ USP/ Food/Feed/ Technical Grade & Lactulose Solution IP/ USP/ Grade

Lactose is a disaccharide sugar derived from galactose and glucose that is found in milk. Lactose makes up around 2–8% of milk (by weight),[3] although the amount varies among species and individuals, and milk with a reduced amount of lactose also exists. It is extracted from sweet or sour whey.

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and milk products. The small intestine—the organ where most food digestion and nutrient absorption take place—produces an enzyme called lactase. Lactase breaks down lactose into two simpler forms of sugar: glucose and galactose. The body then absorbs these simpler sugars into the bloodstream.

Lactose is widely used as a filler or filler-binder in the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. The general properties of lactose that contribute to its popularity as an excipient are its:

  • cost effectiveness
  • availability
  • bland taste
  • low hygroscopicity
  • compatibility with active ingredients and other excipients;
  • excellent physical and chemical stability
  • water solubility

Application Of Lactose:
In order to make tablets or capsules, a blend of excipients and active ingredients must first be prepared. In its final form, as the tablet press or capsule filling feed material, this blend is referred to as the running powder. Three major processes are used to prepare the running powder from its components; these are:

  • Wet granulation
  • Dry granulation or slugging
  • Dry mixing.

Specifications :

Protein 0.1 %
Moisture 99.5 %
Ash 0.15 %
Loss on Drying 0.1 %
Standard Plate Count < 100 CFU/g
Salmonella Negative
Coliform Negative
E. Coli Negative
Color Light Cream to White
Appearance Crystalline Powder

Lactulose Solution

Lactulose is a type of sugar. It is broken down in the large intestine into mild acids that draw water into the colon, which helps soften the stools.

Lactulose is used to treat chronic constipation.

Lactulose is sometimes used to treat or prevent certain conditions of the brain that are caused by liver failure, which can lead to confusion, problems with memory or thinking, behavior changes, tremors, feeling irritable, sleep problems, loss of coordination, and loss of consciousness.


Molecular Weight 342.29648 g/mol
XLogP3 -4.3
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 8
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 11
Rotatable Bond Count 5
Exact Mass 342.116212 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass 342.116212 g/mol
Topological Polar Surface Area 190 A^2
Heavy Atom Count 23
Formal Charge 0
Complexity 395
Isotope Atom Count 0
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 9
Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count 0
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count 1